HEIPARK website redesign packed with videos


For the well-known and popular HEIPARK Tošovice, we enthusiastically created a complete website redesign packed with innovative features. Our experts integrated temperature sensors so visitors always know the current weather conditions on-site. New videos are available directly on the pages, allowing a better glimpse into the park's atmosphere and attractions. We update the menu weekly, so visitors can always see what's on offer at the restaurants. Additionally, the operational status of the attractions is clearly displayed, providing up-to-date information at all times. Come and experience HEIPARK Tošovice in its new, modern form!

  • HTML5, CSS5, JavaScript
  • Unique mobile-first design
  • PlutoCMS version 6
  • Integration with temperature sensors
  • Integration with webcams
  • Gift voucher generation
  • Card payment processing
Open preview: www.heipark.cz



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