Content Management System Pluto CMS ver. 6


Content Management System Pluto CMS ver. 6 allows users to add change and delete content of a given internet presentation or its parts. The essential advantage is that Pluto is more than friendly towards non-programmers. Basic knowledge of the internet will be enough for you to manage the system.

The system is available on any device which is connected to the internet. It is built using below-described modules which together creates a complete unit for the management of your site. The modules are available to be purchased gradually thus decreasing your initial investment.

We have been developing Pluto for more than 15 years and keep the source parts under our control. That is why we can adjust the system to the client's needs and requirements.



Basic advantages

  • access through any web browser
  • the possibility to manage the system 24/7
  • XHTML or WYSIWYG content publication (even without the knowledge of XHTML)
  • the possibility to implement the system into an already existing website
  • SEO optimization for browsers
  • infinite amount of the content
  • simple management of other language versions
  • multilayered administration (in other language versions)
  • security (SSL certificate + own website hosting)
  • tech support and explanatory introduction session (we will teach you how to work with the system)
  • regular updates
  • fully responsive - management of the system through any device (smartphone, tablet etc.)
  • affordable price
Root module

Root module is the basic pillar of the system. Other modules are inserted into it and it is impossible to run the system without it. It further consists of the modules Articles and Settings.

Product module

This module is designed for quick management of the products. Its core function is the creation of product categories. The content is handled individually to suit the clinet's needs.

Gallery module

Through Gallery module, it is possible to easily add photos and pictures on your website. The number of galleries is limitless and each can contain an infinite amount of pictures. After creating a gallery the administrator chooses from many forms of its portrayal which usually depends on how many images it contains. In addition, the system prepares and presents the pictures by itself so there is no need to convert or manipulate with them in any way.

References module

The management of your company's references is handled through this module. Each reference consists of the title, the description and the picture or the video. By default, the references are ordered by year but, as with everything in our system, you can suggest any other way and we will implement it for you.

Business Partner module

You will find a use for this module if your institution has a wide base of business partners. It allows them to administer their information on your website such as to update contact, address, logo etc.. As the partners manage their sections related to them themselves you will get rid of some responsibilities and save your valuable time.

Newsletter module

You can effortlessly send a massive amount of messages through this feature. The module sends an e-mail to all users registered in your database at the click of a mouse.

Articles module

Articles module is also fundamental and serves for quick management and the addition of new articles. It suits excellently for invitations to the fairs, publishment of news or information and many more. After creating an article a visitor of the web sees a short overview with a picture in the particular section and the whole article is displayed when clicked on.

Cart module

Cart is connected to the Products module. It serves for comfortable purchases of products. It can be easily linked to your information or accounting systems. The module contains a total sum of purchases and shipping address. It can also include the billing address if it is different from the shipping address. In some cases, it is also possible and necessary to add other features such as payment card, distance calculation etc.

Download module

This module serves to make the files you upload on your website available for the visitors to download. These files are classified into groups set prior by your administrators and users. Visitors of your web are then allowed to find them in such categories or by keywords and easily download them into their devices. Various types of files can be uploaded - from pictures and PDF files over Microsoft Office documents to logotypes and more. It is also possible to protect particular files and groups by passwords. In addition, the module is designed to take different languages into consideration.

Survey module

Survey module serves, supposedly, to create surveys on your website. The result of the surveys is saved into the system and available to be published with a chart or to serve as marketing material.

Search module

This module allows a quick find of a particular item on your site. The module regularly goes through the content of the system. As mentioned above, the module finds the required items through the keywords, name, code, set priority and more.